Dear Entrepeneur,

How would you like to be part of an industry in which...

  • There is always a demand for your services, regardless of the state of the economy,

  • You're the boss... you can get up when you want, and finish whenever you want,

  • You can work wherever you like - at home, in an office, or if you live near a beach, from the beach!

  • There is no fixed upper limit to the money you could make, depending on your skills...

It sounds almost too good to be true, doesn't it? Yet there IS an industry in which all of these can be absolutely true... it's the world of copywriting. Consider these facts...

(1) Good copywriters are always in demand. Millions of new businesses come into existence each year, and they need fresh new sales material. When an economy is bad, existing businesses need every sale they can get, which means they need even more effective sales material written by copywriters...

(2) You can write sales material wherever and whenever you want... from your computer at home, or even from a laptop on the beach. You can do this full time or part time, it's entirely up to you...

(3) There is no upper limit to what you could make. Some of the top copywriters are literally making millions of dollars a year (as I'll show you in a moment). What's to prevent YOU from doing what they're doing?...

Q: What exactly is a copywriter, and can anyone become one?

In this report, the term "copywriter" means someone who writes persuasive sales material, usually with the goal of moving the reader to take some form of action, such as a purchase. Copywriters refer to this form of writing as "copy". As long as you can write reasonably well, and have the copywriting skills I'll show you, you could become a copywriter.

Q: How much can I expect to make a year as a copywriter?

That depends on what you charge, how quickly you can write a sales letter, and any other perks you negotiate with your clients. A new copywriter might charge $500 or $1000 to write a sales letter, while more experienced copywriters could easily charge $2000, $5000 or even $10000. Some copywriters also negotiate royalties, in the form of a percentage of the sales revenue - which is why there is no fix upper limit to a top copywriter's earnings.

So the question is...

How can YOU become a copywriter, and what's the quickest, easiest and best route to becoming a copywriter and making good money from copywriting?

Here's How To Break Into Copywriting...

There are literally hundreds of books you could buy on copywriting. Unfortunately, books have some major drawbacks if you want to QUICKLY become a highly paid copywriter.

First, you can't communicate with a book! A book can't give you the critical feedback you need and tell you how you're doing. Without feedback, how will you know the mistakes you're making, and where you need to improve?

Second, a book can't keep you motivated and give you a pat on the back when you're doing well, or a gentle nudge when you need a little push to take you to the next level. If you've ever started something but not finished it, you'll know how important motivation is to reaching the outcome you want.

A book doesn't have a vested interest in seeing you succeed. For that reason, books can be a very slow way of learning. Also, let me share with you an important secret...

I've read many books on copywriting, and the truth is, the top copywriters hold back in their books. After all, they're not going to reveal their "trade secrets" in a $30 mass market book! Plus, they don't really tell you how to market your copywriting service and get clients, leaving you to figure this out for yourself.

Some of the veteran copywriters put out DVDs of their seminars or courses. Often priced at between $500 and $3000, these should be viewed as investments, because just one or two sales letters can quickly pay you back your initial investment.

Unfortunately, DVD courses have similar drawbacks to books. You're passively watching or listening to the information, but there is no opportunity to practice and get feedback on how well you're doing.

When you write your first sales material, that's when having someone to provide you with feedback and help is CRITICAL... and a pre-recorded set of DVDs just can't give that to you.

I own quite a few of these DVD seminars, and many times I find them a bit boring as the copywriter spends a long time tackling a question from an audience member that you already grasped. You sometimes get the feeling that a 10 hour DVD set could have been boiled down to 2-3 hours of solid "meat", if they trimmed the "fat"... but I guess they wouldn't be able to charge as much for the DVDs.

Listen, let me tell you...

The Easiest, Quickest And Best Way...

If you want to get good at copywriting quickly, you need someone who can give you...

  • the training you need to get the copywriting skills,

  • the feedback to tell you how you're doing along the way,

  • the motivation to keep you going even during the rough patches.

That's where I come in.

My name's Paul Hancox. I've been writing sales material for over 11 years now, as well as authoring several marketing books and products, including...

Presell Mastery - which shows product creators and affiliate marketers how to put potential customers into the right mood and frame of mind even before they've been "pitched" a product,

Small Changes: Big Profits - first published in 2003 and described as a "must read" by Paul Myers, this was the first book to really go in-depth into a technique called "split testing", showing how to create highly converting sales material,

The Secrets Of A 10% Conversion Rate - shows all of the processes that are involved in creating a product with a high conversion rate.

Over the years I've gained some unique insights into what motivates people to buy, and so if you qualify for my coaching and training package, I'd like to share what I've learned with YOU, and help you to gain the kind of copywriting skills that will propel you to success, while cutting down the "learning curve" from YEARS to a matter of just MONTHS...

Here's What That Means...

Your coaching and training with me is for SIX MONTHS.

You'll start off going through a series of about 18 modules (in PDF format) sent to you by email, which will teach you all aspects of writing sales copy - such as understanding the psychology of buyers, creating powerful bullet points that build desire, and coming up with a structure for your sales letter.

Each module contains a MISSION for you to complete, designed to enhance your understanding and provide you with an opportunity to practice your skills.

You can go through the modules at your own pace, although I recommend at least one or two a week, so you're always making progress. (Normally, the quickest you can go through the modules is one every 3 days.)

Once you've completed the modules, you'll practice writing TWO complete sales letters, based on either imaginary products, or products with which you're already familiar. This gives you the chance to practice all of the skills you've gained, and build a portfolio. During this, I'll be there for you to provide you with feedback, constructive criticism and helpful advice.

After that, with my help you'll write a sales letter for your own copywriting service.

Finally, I'll show you how to set up a marketing system that can generate you clients, and I'll help you with the first two sales letters for your first two clients.

Your Personal Copywriting Motivator

Have you ever wanted to do something, but never found the movitation? Or you started something but never finished it, because you hit a bump in the road, but nobody was there to help you back on your feet?

With my coaching and training, motivation will now be just an email away. After all, everyone has moments of self-doubt, or the feeling at times that they're not good enough (even the top copywriters go through this sometimes), or days when they're just not motivated - we're all human.

As well as being your trainer and coach for 6 months, I'll also be your personal copywriting motivator! You see, I want you to be successful... and it's in my interest to see you're successful - partly because that's what I'm here for, partly out of professional pride, and partly so I can boast about you to my next set of students!

So let me become your motivator as well... giving you a friendly little nudge when you don't feel motivated, lifting you up when you have those moments of self-doubt, and carrying you over the little stumbling blocks, so you can go on to the success you want and deserve. Sound good?

So What's The Price?

Just before we get into price, let me ask you a quick question: How much would it be worth to you to be able to write powerful, compelling sales material that makes you or your clients money and sales?

Think about how much money you could make from your new skills. Even a new copywriter can charge hundreds of dollars for a single sales letter... and top copywriters charge $5,000 or more... and even get paid royalties on the sales!

People spend $30,000 or more and 3 or 4 years getting an education at universities and institutions, and there's usually no guarantee of a job at the end of all that.

In contrast, my course takes just six months, you can take it in the comfort of your own home (by email), costs you just a tiny fraction of what you might spend on so-called "higher" education, and gives you marketable skills that are in high demand.

Training and coaching is very labor intensive (I guess that's why universities charge so much), but I've decided to price my six month training and coaching package at a point where anyone who is serious about becoming a good copywriter and earning good money will see it as a highly worthwhile investment.

(I use the word "investment" deliberately, because your investment in this course could pay you back many multiple times.)

I decided to price this coaching and training package at just $997, which you should easily be able to recoup after writing just one or two sales letters for your first clients. This is a tiny drop in the ocean compared to what you could make from your copywriting. Plus...

Your Risk Free Guarantee

Training and coaching is a very labor intensive activity, so naturally I can't claim back the time I'll be spending with you by email. On the other hand, I want you to have complete confidence and peace of mind when you order your SIX MONTH TRAINING AND COACHING PACKAGE.

That's why I've come up with what I consider to be a very FAIR guarantee for both of us:

Enrol in my SIX MONTH TRAINING AND COACHING PACKAGE today... go through and complete the first four modules, and if you don't feel it's for you before you receive the fifth module, no problem - just let me know, and I'll refund 100% of your money.

That will give you plenty of time to get a feel for my coaching and training style, and even if, for some crazy reason, you decided it wasn't for you, you still get to keep all the knowledge and benefit from the training you received up until that point. Does that sound fair?

I can offer this guarantee because I know that when you apply, you're going to be SERIOUS about wanting to become a good copywriter, so I think you'll actually look forward to receiving each new module - because I've made sure our journey together is going to be FUN and EXCITING - and really EYE-OPENING as well.

Here's What My Students Are Saying...

"I've bought several books on copywriting over the years and even a couple of high-priced courses. And while I learned a little from each of them, it was a bit like reading a book on how to fly a plane - just reading about it doesn't make you a pilot.
Paul's course on the other hand, not only gave me a fresh insight on writing persuasive copy, but showed me step-by-step how to apply my new skills. He knows his stuff
and more importantly, he knows how to teach it."

- Mark Davies

This course is amazing! All of the modules are packed with brilliant information and insights, and he's really kept my interest going... I am always eager to get the next module. This course is ideal for anyone who wants to launch their copywriting career, or just brush up on their copywriting skills.

Just the course modules are worth at least twice the cost, but a priceless addition is the personal attention of Paul. The feedback from him is invaluable, making sure that you really understand - and crucially can put into practice these amazing techniques. I have already learned so much I can't wait to get critiques from Paul on copy I will write.

- Nicola Lane

"I signed up to Paul's copywriting coaching program about two months back. Initially, I hesitated as I am not sure whether it would be suitable for someone that is of Asian origin. However, as Paul explained in his sales letter, as long as you can read and write decently, you are ready for this course. So... I took the plunge. You know...after two months experience, I have not regretted it. In fact, I am very happy and am glad that I made that decision.

After each topic, which Paul referred to as the Mission, there is an assignment that you need to complete and submit to Paul. I like this very much. Paul was able to spot my errors every single time and give me valuable feedback. This points out that Paul was meticulous in reviewing every assignment. I am sure Paul has many students besides me. This shows that he cares. I must say that he is indeed a very good teacher.

There are a few more months to complete the course and I am already reaping the fruits. In particular, I see improvement in my grammatical usage, sentence construction and expression. You know what...Paul shared with me one little secret. And this little secret has helped me in those aforementioned areas.

If you are still wondering whether Paul's copywriting coaching program is suitable for you, stop now! Ask yourself this question, what are you truly seeking? A quick way to make money online, or do you want to acquire a solid skill from one of the top copywriters. I believe Paul's hourly rate is very high. And now, he is willing to share with you his experience and knowledge in copywriting for a few hundred better grab it now before he changes his mind.

I know you may feel a little "ouch" but it is worth every single penny. I am already in his coaching program and I paid that fee too. In a short two months period, I am reaping the fruits from his program.

- George Chan

I literally chanced upon this copywriting course and had limited knowledge about Paul except for the glowing praises he got from his copywriting peers. The offer was attractive
- the salescopy was a fantastic buildup of what was to come - it was THAT good.

I decided to sign up as I have read John Carlton say that you can learn copywriting in 2 ways: (1) Do It Yourself and (2) Get Yourself A Mentor. Carlton always recommended the mentor route as it shaves many years off your learning curve. However the pricing points for mentorship were extravagant... well at least for someone on a student budget.

Then came Paul's offer and I thought that this will be a great way for me to learn the fundamentals... Each module covers one copywriting aspect and comes with a mission to test our understanding of the module. The missions are extremely fun and addictive though a bit tough at times but that only means I'm learning ;) The theory parts themselves offer great insights and solid grounding in the fundamentals, with real life successful sales letters being analyzed.

Because of the way Paul teaches, I've come to realize that copywriting is fun and easy but you have to know how and what to do and Paul does a fantastic job teaching it.

Paul is ALWAYS there (seriously) to guide me about the stuff I'm unclear about... not just for copywriting but personal issues like a lack of motivation, worries about whether I can succeed etc.

Though I am still in the midst of the course, I know that I have made the right decision in engaging Paul as my mentor in the first chapter of my copywriting journey :) Under Paul's mentorship, I look forward to becoming a top-gun copywriter soon.

- Shaleniie Devi

So Now You Have A Choice...

You've read this far, which means you're interested in becoming a good copywriter, and you appreciate that copywriting can be a great way of making money...

... but you also recognize that books and DVD courses alone aren't going to give you the feedback and motivation you need to become a good copywriter (and besides, veteran copywriters are always going to hold back their best "trade secrets" from being published in their mass market books).

As a marketer, copywriter and author of many books that deal with subjects closely related to copywriting, I'm uniquely positioned to give you a massive advantage over trying to become a copywriter all by yourself.

It took me 11 long years to discover all of the things I know now, and I want to give you the ability to leverage my knowledge and experience by taking advantage of this program, giving you all of the shortcuts to break into the world of copywriting in just a matter of months.

Of course, you can't become a good copywriter overnight. It takes some time and practice, but you can massively speed up the process with my help, feedback and encouragement - so the sooner we take the next step together, the sooner you can be making money from your investment.

Remember, your investment in this six months training and coaching is just a tiny drop in the ocean compared to the money you could make writing sales material for clients (or even for your own products if you prefer).

If you're determined to become a good copywriter, don't let anything or anyone stop you from taking the next step.

After you've clicked on the link below to process your payment, you'll be taken to my welcome message and we'll continue your journey... together!

  "Yes! I would like to become a copywriter, and sign up for your six months of coaching and training. I can write reasonably well, and I am determined to succeed. On that basis, here is my order."

Click the button below to place your order and begin your training:


After you have completed your order, please click the "return to merchant" link to receive your welcome pack.

I use Paypal to securely process your payment, but you do not need a Paypal account. To pay by debit or credit card, simply follow the instructions on the order form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need any copywriting experience?

No. My coaching and training assumes you have no prior experience of copywriting. All that is required is the ability to write reasonably well in English, and a determination to succeed.

Q. Is it going to take me 6 months to become a copywriter?

That's down to you. I've designed the modules so that you can complete them at your own pace. For example, if you have time to complete one every 3 days, you could have all the knowledge and skills you need in about two or three months.

However, you'll need to develop and improve your skills by practice and feedback, so I'll be using those six months to coach you, and provide feedback on your first five sales letters (including the one you'll write for your own copywriting service).

In other words, it's possible to be ready to write sales letters for other people in as little as 2 or 3 months... that's entirely up to you. Regardless of how quickly you go through the modules, I will support and coach you for 6 months.

Q. How long does it take to complete a module?

Each one varies in length, but will usually take a couple of hours to read, with the accompanying mission taking perhaps an additional hour or two to complete. However, you can complete them at your own pace - although no more than one every 3 days.

Q. Will you help me get clients?

When you launch your copywriting service, you still need to market and promote it, like any other product or service. I will give you a marketing system you can use to get clients (and I may occasionally pass you copywriting jobs if I'm confident in your copywriting skills)... but ultimately, the extent to which you apply the marketing tools and knowledge I share with you will determine the effectiveness of this aspect of your copywriting service.

Q. How will you communicate with me?

Communication will be by email at all times. This enables you to refer back to any specific advice I give you, and allows me to manage my time in the best possible way. If you email me, I'll usually try and reply to you within one business day.

I'm going to take the weekends off, and you should too - but if you have an urgent problem, please let me know in advance (if possible), so I can make myself available to answer you as quickly as possible.

You can contact me at mycopycoach AT googlemail DOT com (replacing the words in capitals with the symbols, and no spaces.)